Organic-Lock is the strongest organic binder on the market today. Designed for stabilizing aggregate surfaces, it’s functionality allows you to create natural, aesthetically pleasing, permeable surfaces that hold up to extreme conditions.


LEED Compliance

Disabilities Acts Compliance


Over a decade of research including 4 separate research grants with Federal research facility at Agriculture and Agrifood Canada, has created the strongest Organic Aggregate Binder on the market today.


Why Organic-Lock?

Better than Unstabilized Aggregates?


Whereas unstabilized aggregates are prone to washouts and weed growth, Organic-Lock blended aggregates offer significantly improved stability, resistance to erosion, and weed growth deterrence all while maintaining water permeability.

Better than Other Stabilized Aggregates?


While there are other natural binders on the market that contain “plant glue”, they are susceptible to rapid biodegradation resulting in weakened gelling strength and significant loss of surface material over time. Organic-Lock contains key patented natural additives specifically designed to increase gelling strength and extend longevity.

Better than Asphalt and Concrete?

Of course!

Asphalt and concrete lack permeability. They are prone to cracking and weeds. Petrochemicals from asphalt and concrete are also prone to leaching into the surrounding environment during installation and weathering. Finally, they absorb high amounts of solar energy contributing to the heat island effect and must be frequently treated with seal coat to prevent early failure. Organic-Lock blended aggregates are sustainable, water permeable, do not crack and discourage weed growth; a natural alternative to pavement.

Use It Everywhere, Use It Once

While other natural binders can require added non-permeable polymers to keep them in place in high-traffic areas, Organic-Lock’s technology ensures it naturally stays in place under all conditions while retaining its water permeability. A one-stop solution for all your blended aggregate surfaces.

Moist Conditions

Too much moisture can spell trouble for a traditional stabilized aggregate pathway. It can destabilize the surface, reducing the load bearing strength and creating a mud-like texture. The Organic-Lock blended aggregate involves a gelling process with increased strength that maintains its stability even in very wet conditions.

Outperforms the Competition

When compared against the leading organic binder and unstabilized aggregate, Organic-Lock resulted in an average of 94% less erosion/material loss as compared to the closest competitor, and 100% less erosion when compared to the unstabilized material.

Proven Success

Organic-Lock blended aggregates have been successfully installed in projects for the last 15 years and are rapidly becoming the trusted environmentally-friendly pathway and surface solution for landscape architects, contractors and dealers around the world, including the US, Canada, Europe, and South Korea.

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