Sustainability/LEED® Compliance

Organic-Lock LEED ComplianceRapidly Renewable:

Organic-Lock is made primarily from a rapidly renewable plant material and its additional additives are all 100% naturally-occurring materials (LEED Code- MR 6 Rapidly Renewable).



Organic-Lock pathways are water permeable. Permeability can reduce stormwater runoff that collects pollutants into our natural bodies of water (LEED Code- SS 6.1 Stormwater Quantity and SS 6.2 Stormwater Quality).


Recycled Content:

Organic-Lock pathways contain aggregate that is normally considered recycled content (LEED Code- MR 4 Recycled Content).


Heat Island Effect:

Unlike asphalt and concrete, which have a tendency to retain heat in urban environments, lighter colored stabilized decomposed granite and crushed stone aggregates reflect solar radiation and reduce the heat retained in the pathway surface. (LEED Code- SS 7.1 Heat Island Non-Roof).


Regional Materials:

Aggregates can earn points towards a reduced carbon footprint if they are sourced within 500 miles of the construction project. With our rapidly expanding team of dealers, we do our utmost to help our customers source aggregates that are geographically close to them (LEED Code- MR 5 Regional Materials).